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LED Lighting

Reduce Energy and Maintenance Costs & Improve the Quality of Light

Beautify your home! Have STG Electric Services schedule a professional electrician to repair existing lighting or install new energy efficient LED lighting anywhere inside or outside your home.

STG Electric Services. takes a “whole building/property solutions” approach for lighting upgrades. We will advise you on choosing the proper light output for each specific environment, motion sensors which may improve energy savings and home/facility safety, dimmable LED’s for creating the perfect environment lighting effects, and the use of timers, motion detectors or day/night sensors for additional energy savings. Our goal is to maximize the long term energy saving you receive from LED lighting.

Indoor Lighting – Repairs and New LED Lighting Installation

  • Recessed lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Under counter lighting
  • Bathroom lighting
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Basement lighting
  • Ceiling fan lighting

Outdoor Lighting – Repairs and New LED Lighting Installation

  • Landscape lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Path lighting
  • Driveway lighting
  • Porch lighting
  • Deck lighting

Commercial & Office LED Lighting

If energy efficiency is your goal, the best place to start is to have STG Electric Services evaluate your existing light fixtures. New LED technologies allow for significant saving in the cost to light the workplace. There are many advantages to these new LED lights. You’ll see a dramatically improvement in the actual quality of the light. Your lights will turn-on immediately without a delay to warm-up. In areas where there is limited human traffic, occupancy detection sensors provide light immediately when necessary.

LED kit photoOffice lighting: In most offices we find older overhead florescent bulbs in use that are not energy efficient. STG Electric Services does not have to replace those existing fixture. We give you a couple options. The first and most affordable is to retrofit our energy efficient LED kits into the existing fixture. Or, your second option is to install fashionable new energy efficient LED fixtures.

IndustrialFactory, Industrial & Warehouse Lighting: The most dramatic and energy efficient results are seen when STG Electric Services replaces or retrofit older High Bay fixtures with new LED lighting technology. You will see an immediate improvement in the quality and consistency of light, significantly longer life cycle means reduced maintenance costs, and you receive the additional benefit of reduced energy consumption by 50%. Added motion sensors, in low traffic areas, are a great way to achieve even greater energy savings.

Exterior Security & Parking Lot Lighting

Continue your energy saving and reduce maintenance cost by having STG Electric Services replace all the exterior lighting with new energy efficient LED lighting around your building, along walkways, and in parking lots. All of which improves safety and visibility.

“The honesty and sincerity cannot be matched by any of the other trades we have used for repair or new service. They are always on time and keep up with their clients to make sure they’re pleased with the work that was performed. Their pricing is very competitive and I find no reason to employ any other company to bid or perform electrical work for us.”
Ron Cohen
“I have had a Generac generator installed in two separate homes; I will be moving, and STG Electric Services will install that generator, also. They have always been reliable, and most of all honest, with any needed repairs or routine maintenance. I highly recommend this dealer.”
A.V., Sagamore Hills
“My Generac standby generator was installed quickly and for the agreed on price. Yearly service calls are performed promptly and within a reasonable time frame. Great follow up. I would absolutely recommend this dealer.”
Bob Rhinehardt
“I have had the pleasure of using STG Electric Services on two of my residential properties. There were major electrical issues in my one house and everything had to be replaced and STG Electric Services did an excellent job in such a timely matter. They worked around my schedule and communication was excellent. I would highly recommend them. No matter what work that needed to be done they came in and did the job and exceeded my expectations with their performance and pricing.

Joseph A. Varga III